The kids have been spoiled and the holidays are coming to an end. I don’t know about you but I find myself in the middle of a toy overload, piles of Christmas decorations, and a mountain of Laundry. This time of year I am always naturally reorganizing to make room for some of those new gems I have received from friends and family. Putting away Christmas decorations turns into a whole day event or reorganizing the basement storage and wiping off the selves of the unit. Sounds like enough work in it, but during this process I also find myself pulling out items to donate.
If you’re keen like me and want to start off your new year organized, here are some suggestions to help along the way.

Clean as you go
Wiping down all your kitchen cabinets in the process to find space for your new Casserole dish.

Start from Scratch
Removing all the items from the shelves gives you a chance to remove expired items or items to donate.
Use the Five-year Rule
Can’t decide if you should keep something or get ride of it? Well have you used it the last five years? Odds are if you haven’t, you most likely won’t.

Label it
It can be as simple as a using a piece of paper and sticking it to the outside of the bin or box to indicate what it is. Why do this? If you live with a full house then when someone goes searching for a specific item then they won’t have to rummage through that bin you spend an afternoon cleaning.

Whether you are thinking of listing your home this year or not, these suggestions will help everyone create a more organized and clean home.  In return, your getting ride of your clutter and making your home look bigger! Win win!